Planning a surprise birthday party for your wife? Want an Egyption themed wedding reception party? Think of us. GOD lies in heart of all events with a happy ending.

We conduct events, seminars, general meetings, presentations, art exhibitions and workshops, as well as design competitions to exploit the finest possible talent amongst fresh & budding designers and design students.
Event Management Activities

We recognize that a well served client is a happy one - our clients value the level of service we provide during the busy run up period to an event, the event itself and the removal from your chosen venue.

We have a committed and skilled workforce which we carefully manage and deploy to maximize the benefit for our clients.

We believe in a hands-on approach to our work, assuming our Clients as partners who we work alongside to achieve spectacular results. We are acutely aware of budgets to be able to provide the best output in the given monies.

To sum up, at whatever budget level your party sits at, if you are prepared to look after the details to the extent that your guests can perceive a special atmosphere, then your party cannot fail!


Services Undertaken

A Thematic representation of the Party Ambience.
This will include the following:

Layout Plan
Key Points for appropriate positioning of Activities
All Kinds of Displays for Beautification as well as Utility

. Entrance Beautification Measures
. Positioning, constructing and designing of the Centre stage
. Backdrop designing
. Ceiling, Floor & Wall Designs
. Dance Floor & DJ Console Positioning
. Dining Area Layout
. Bar planning & positioning
. Stall Designs
. Uniforms
. Seating Arrangement Visualization
. Flower Arrangements
. Concept and template
. Page layout
. Banner
Catering Services
Includes Food & Beverages, Seating, Counters, Stalls, Linen, Cutlery and Staff.
Services shall be recommended on request as per the budget.

. Lighting (As per requirement)
. Live Performance Artists/bands (As per theme or choice)
. DJ (As per requirement)
. Florist (As per requirement)
. Welcome Hostesses (As per requirement)
. Valet Parking

Print & Design
. Invitation Cards
. Flyers
. Mailers
. Posters
. Banners
. Backdrop
. Flags
. & Others… (Please refer to the Print & Design Proposal provided separately)
What we Require of you?
. A short profile of your organization
. Access to the venue for us to get customized with.
. A good Layout sketch or architectural plan of the area under consideration.
. Pictures of the desired venue, if possible
. No. of people expected, classified according to Age
. A note on the target Audience
. Budget planning
. Access to the basic required resources to be provided by you such as electricity, Water, Transport (optional),   Staff etc.
. A brief summary on the kind of event to be hosted. This includes the Date, Time, Venue and the kind of   image you want to project.
Any suggestions from your end will be highly valued, and considered to the maximum possible extent, however we seek your confidence in us to help us deliver as per your expectation